Our Economy

What Is KidZania?

Our Economy

KidZania has it’s own economy, ‘KidZos’ is the legal currency.
Each time you visit KidZania, you will receive a 50 kidZos check. Once inside, you must go to the bank, cash your check and use your money to buy goods and services such as: rent car, get a hair-do at the beauty salon, or shop at KidZania Department Store, for instance.

KidZos are not for sale with real money, if you spend all your kidZos or if you want to earn more, you must get a job and work to provide a product or service such as firefighter, dentist, hairdresser, or construction worker, or choose among many different professions.

At every pavilions or activity you may spend or earn kidZos. For example: at the Fire Station you can earn money, while at the KidZania Department Store you can spend them. However, there are lots of establishments where you can do both of things, at the Hospital, for instance, you can be a doctor and earn money or be a patient and pay to get medical attention.

Consumer goods and product prices are different depending of the pavilion or the activity and they can change depending on the popularity of the activity compared with others.

If you want to save kidZos and manage your credit balance, you can open a savings account at the bank.