Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

KidZania Jakarta (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') has established the following with regard to the use of KidZania area by visitors. KidZania's visitors shall agree to these term and condition and only those who adhere to these term and condition may use facilities/establishments in KidZania. Visitors who do not accept or who violate these regulations may be asked to leave KidZania. The Company reserves the right to alter these regulations at any time without obtaining prior consent from visitors.

  1. Operational Hours and Regular Ticket Price
  1. Operational hour and regular ticket price in KidZania as follows:


Week Day (non holiday)


  • 7 hours session: 09.00 to 16.00


  • Morning session 5 hours :09.00 to 14.00
  • Afternoon session 5 hours:15.00 to 20.00


Week End (non holiday)

Saturday & Sunday

  • Morning session 5 hours :09.00 to 14.00
  • Afternoon session 5 hours:15.00 to 20.00

Holiday Season (based on the Company policy)

  • Morning session 5 hours :09.00-14.00
  • Afternoon session 5 hours:15.00-20.00


  • Note:
    • *Senior : carry original identity card showing minimum age is 65 years and come to KidZania with 2 children age between (4-16 years
    • *Baby: children under 2 years old.


  1. Ticket, Voucher and Registration
  1. The ticket counter opens 30 minutes before it starts operating hours and close 30 minutes before the end of operating hours.
  2. For the convenience of visitors Kidzania. It is advisable for visitors to buy tickets before the day of arrival. Purchase tickets can be done through on-line via the website or via in direct sales counter at KidZania.
  3. Ticket price includes the cost of all activities in the establishment KidZania, except eat, drink and merchandise.
  4. The date of visit indicated on pre-sale tickets already purchased can be changed only once with the provision that application change are made directly at the airport counter KidZania later than the date and time indicated on the ticket in question.
  5. Vouchers issued by the Company effective as a means of payment and shall be exchanged for tickets. Voucher holders can make registrations before the day of the visit by contacting 021-5154222/888 and will get ticket booking code. Given this ticket booking code, then the company ensures that voucher holders already have KidZania entrance tickets. In addition, voucher holders can also redeem the voucher directly with KidZania entrance tickets on the day of the visit. But please be advised that if the KidZania entrance tickets on that day were sold out, then automatically the voucher is not redeemable for KidZania entrance tickets.
  6. For holders of pre-sale tickets, vouchers and tickets on-line to register on the express counter or will be directed by KidZania officers to the empty counter.
  7. Additional fees will be charged if Customers change the date or session of visit of the pre-sale ticket.
  8. Changes of Visitors' categories (Toddler/Child/Adult) will be charged with additional fees according to the price listed and refund is not applied to the changes to a lower ticket price.


  1. KidZania Operational Regulation
  1. Only visitors who have an entrance ticket officially issued by the Company may enter KidZania.
  2. Visitors who have entrance ticket could use facilities/establishments in KidZania area only 1 (one) times in non holiday session or holiday session as defined by the Company.
  3. Visitors will be asked to leave KidZania area at the end of each shift, regardless of the time of entry, as tickets are valid for only one shift.
  4. KidZania reserves the right to halt or suspend operations of facilities/establishment due to operational or other circumstances.
  5. Age restrictions apply to certain facilities/establishment in KidZania area.
  6. Everyone including parents or guardians are strongly advised to observed and comply to all safety precautions in KidZania area.
  7. KidZania is a work experience theme park for children. While the Company shall strive in maximum to provide the safest security for children within the theme park, however the Company cannot take responsibility for accidents, injuries and loss of goods that occur due to carelessness on the part of visitors and or force majeur.
  8. Photography and filming is allowed within KidZania. However, visitors may be asked to refrain from taking picture and filming if it is disruptive activities in KidZania area.
  9. Visitors may be refused entry or be asked to leave KidZania area if they against this term and condition or they have behavior that is inappropriate (unsuitable or offensive clothing, disorderly behavior, etc.) or when visitors refuse to cooperate with requests from the Company.
  10. Visitors may be photographed or filmed by the Company when the facilities or activities are being covered.
    Please be aware that the Company without against any regulation has rights to use such footage for its business interest without obligation to pay compensation in any manner to respective visitors.


  1. Facilities for Children and Adults Visitors
  1. Children under 8 years must enter with an adult
  2. Children over the age of 8 years without an adult companion are expected to be equipped with mobile phones and cash.
  3. For adults who will pick up visitors, must fill out a form of pick up children at the express counter in  KidZania airport. In line with the accomplishment of such for, adults can pick up visitors into the Kidzania area for 30 minutes before the end of operational hours.
  4. Adult visitors +16 years may only accompany the children visitor outside the establishment (except establishments: Theater, Disco Lounge, Toddler Area, TV Studio, Court House and Games Room).
  5. The company provides KidSearch facility for parents / assistants should register early at the same time at the airport counter to detect the presence of children. Kid Search facility can only be accessed in the Parents Lounge and Immigration. If a parent / companion late to pick up the visitors, then the adults visitors shall pick up at the closing session.
  6. The Company provides support facilities in the Kidzania such as mosque, restaurant, baby care center, fountain drinking water, first aid, lost and found center


V. Restriction and Sanction

Visitors are not allowed and prohibited to perform actions as follows:

  1. The possession of dangerous objects.
  2. The distribution or display of commercial goods.
  3. Taking Picture and/or filming for commercial purposes.
  4. Conventions or public speaking.
  5. Behavior which infringes or is in danger of infringing on the rights and interests (including honor) of a third party, including the Company and other visitors.
  6. Religious or political activities or other conduct which does not suit the nature of KidZania.
  7. Profit making activities carried out without permission from the Company.
  8. Behavior which violates laws, regulations and other applicable norm in the society.
  9. Any other behavior judged to be inappropriate by the Company.
  10. Adults’ visitors are not allowed to exchange their security bracelet among them. Visitors are required to return their security bracelet to staff when leaving KidZania area.
  11. KidZania is a smoke free facility.
  12. Adult without children are not allowed to enter the area of Kidzania
  13. Visitors are not allowed to bring animals, food and beverages into the area of Kidzania.
  14.  Visitors are prohibited from damaging property in the area Kidzania. In terms of property damage in Kidzania visitors, then visitors must replace the damaged property at reasonable rates.
  15. Visitors are prohibited from entering the area of Kidzania without buying a ticket and / or get special approval from the Company. In the event, visitors violates this provision, then the visitor is obliged to pay a penalty of 2 (two) times the ticket price in effect at that moment.


VI.            Plan Visits

  1. Food and beverage from outside are not allowed in KidZania area.
  2. Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by adult.
  3. Children above 8 years old without adult companion should bring GSM mobile phone and cash money.
  4. Adult visitor without children is not allowed to enter KidZania.
  5. Adult visitor and/or toddler may be allowed to exit KidZania area for a specific term and come back into KidZania area as long as in the same operational session. This provision does not apply to visitors for category of children (aged 4-16 years old)
  6. Adult visitor is not allowed to exchange safety bracelet with other adult visitor. He/she must return the safety bracelet to KidZania’s officer while leaving the area of KidZania.
  7. Additional fees will be charged if Customers change the date or session of visit of the pre-sale ticket.
  8. Changes of Visitors' categories (Toddler/Child/Adult) will be charged with additional fees according to the price listed and refund is not applied to the changes to a lower ticket price.
  9. KidZania provides privileges to the child who buys a KidZania birthday party package and celebrates his/her birthday at KidZania Jakarta in the form of permission grant for the birthday boy/girl to be able directly play without queuing at the establishments in KidZania and bring one (1) of his/her friend.


VII.            Miscellaneous Provision

This term and condition is executed in bilingual, English and Indonesian language. If for any reason there are conflict between the two language, the Indonesian language shall for all purposes be deemed to be the correct and controlling version;

Similarly, these terms and conditions signed on 1 April  2014, effective from the date of signing and replace previous applicable terms and regulations. Where there are shortages in the future and / or errors in these terms and conditions, it will be adjusted as necessary.