Interior Design Studio

How creative you are, let’s find out..!!!


Interior Designer

Activity Description:

First kids will express their creativity using Nippon Paint on the paper to take home with you as a wall decoration for your home. After that there is challenge to find out how fast you can decorate the room. Kids will learn that before we decorate one room we need to make a blue print as guidance and decorate the room according it.

Activity Duration:

25 minutes

Do You Know?

  • Various paint colors can help the body heal itself. For example green has been shown to relieve stress.
  • It was the Greek philosopher Plato who discovered that you can mix two different paint colors together to produce a third color. 

Values Learned:

  • Solidarity – kids need to work together when they decorate the room as a team as fast as they can.
  • Respect – respect each other when do the job.

Skills Gained:

  • Self knowledge – kids will find the balance between their emotions and the techniques to represent it on a painting.
  • Creativity – kids will be in touch with their emotions and looking for an artistic way to express this.
  • Collaboration – kids will work as a team when they decorate the room that really needs good collaboration. 


Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.