The earth is shaking!


  • Rescuers Brigade

Activity Description:

  • Earthquake can happen anywhere and everywhere. To help people dealing with an earthquake situation, the City Mayor formed a Rescuers Brigade. Kids get a training on actions need to be conducted during and after an earthquake happens.

Activity Duration:

  • 25 minutes

Did you know?

  • Every year 1 million earthquakes occur all around the world.
  • Due to the geographical location of the Indonesian Archipelago, the country of Indonesia is extremely vulnerable to natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods.
  • Besides its function as a reinsurer company, MAIPARK engages in research support, education of the public about natural disaster, risk mitigation and more stringent and safer construction standards and building codes.

Values Learned:

  • Solidarity – developing sense of solidarity to others who need help.
  • Integrity – giving all efforts to help others, doing the right actions to protect the community.
  • Courageous – dealing with emergency situations in order to help others.

Skills Gained:

  • Critical thinking – using the knowledge acquired during the training to help others, understanding actions need to take while dealing with an earthquake.
  • Collaboration – working together to handle an earthquake.
  • Self-knowledge – knowing the cause of earthquakes.
  • Motor skills – doing certain movements to protect ourselves when an earthquake occurs.


  •  Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.