Burger Shop

Delicious stack!

Role :

  • Hamburger Chefs

Activity Description :

  • Spend your time working in the kitchen and make your hamburger creation. Put the beef between the soft buns, don’t forget the veggies to make it more delicious.

Activity Duration :

  • 15 minutes

Did You Know?

  • Beef bacon, jalapenos, cheese, lettuce and onions are some of the most common toppings for burgers worldwide.
  • Burger is actually the shortened name of Hamburger. The term, Hamburger, was derived from Hamburg steaks introduced in the US by German immigrants.

Values Learned :

  • Responsible – in using the tools based on the functions while making the hamburger.
  • Independence – taking care of oneself while working.

Skills Gained :

  • Communication – understanding instructions, talking to others.
  • Motor skills – coordinating both hands to prepare the food (putting ingredients, smearing sauce).
  • Self-knowledge – knowing the ingredients needed to make hamburgers.

Food Allergy Notice :

  • Hamburger variations contain of: buns, beef, chicken patty, fish patty, tomato, onion, lettuce, cheese, mushroom, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, teriyaki sauce, black pepper sauce, tartar sauce, barbecue sauce, and mushroom sauce.

Economy :

  •  Kids will pay in Rupiah (IDR) to complete this activity.