Ticket Prices

KidZania is one-price gated facility. The one-time entry fee includes admission to ALL ESTABLISHMENTS INSIDE KidZania. Our current ticket prices are:

If coming with 2 kids aged  4-16 or toddler aged 2-3, ID Card is required, and ticket can be taken only at the Airport Counter on D-Day.
- To Toddler can indulge in playing several activities, and need high supervision whiloe doing activities in appointed toddler's friendly establishments


The ticket price include:

  • Activities in all establishments inside KidZania
  • Security bracelet
  • Boarding pass
  • A cheque worth of 50 kidZos (only for childs ticket)


Terms & Conditions

  • Food and beverage from outside are not allowed in KidZania area.
  • Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by adult.
  • Children above 8 years old without adult companion should bring GSM mobile phone and cash money.
  • Adult visitor without children is not allowed to enter KidZania.
  • Adult visitor and/or toddler may be allowed to exit KidZania area for a specific term and come back into KidZania area as long as in the same operational session. This provision does not apply to visitors for category of children (aged 4-16 years old)
  • Adult visitor is not allowed to exchange safety bracelet with other adult visitor. He/she must return the safety bracelet to KidZania’s officer while leaving the area of KidZania.
  • Additional fees will be charged if Customers change the date or session of visit of the pre-sale ticket.
  • Changes of Visitors' categories (Toddler/Child/Adult) will be charged with additional fees according to the price listed and refund is not applied to the changes to a lower ticket price.
  • KidZania provides privileges to the child who buys a KidZania birthday party package and celebrates his/her birthday at KidZania Jakarta in the form of permission grant for the birthday boy/girl to be able directly play without queuing at the establishments in KidZania and bring one (1) of his/her friend.


Please contact: 021-5154 888 for details or email: info@kidzania.co.id