The medicines that cure


  • Pharmacists

Activity Description:

  • As healthcare practitioners, Pharmacists has responsibility to check and distribute drugs that has been prescribed by doctors to their patients. In the KidZania Pharmacy, Pharmacists prepare the medicines for the patients and make sure they get the right medicine.

Activity Duration:

  • 25 minutes

Did You Know?

  • The use of plants as healing agents, as well as clays and soils, is ancient. It is believed that plants were first used for medicinal purposes (herbals) although there is no record to establish this idea.
  • Hippocrates was a Greek philosopher and physician who have been called ‘the father of medicine’. He did a rational approach to medical treatment based on close observation of the individual patient. Hippocrates and his followers were first to describe many diseases and medical conditions.
  • Recognized as a country rich in biodiversity, Indonesia offers many plant species to be cultivated as medicine and nutrition, and the medicine is called as Jamu.

Values Learned:

  • Integrity – making medicine with conscientious and precise.
  • Commitment – to make medicines that cure people.

Skills Gained:

  • Communication – establishing communication with others, understanding explanations.
  • Critical thinking – understanding the process of medicine production, what is important for the body and cure the illness symptoms.


  •  Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.