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Children ages 2-16 years can enjoy activities at KidZania. In the establishment Urbano Living Room and Vita's Kitchen children 2-3 years old can play in a safe environment and fun with playground specially designed for them. Meanwhile, children aged 4-16 years can enjoy activities at 60 establishment in KidZania. 

Children participants of school groups who visit KidZania when he arrived at the Pacific Place mall lobby area will be greeted warmly by airport team of kidzania. They will put a wristband / bracelet to every kids, teachers and adult chaperones before entering KidZania area. Furthermore, the officer will assist school groups and escorted to the front entrance of KidZania.

Your visit to KidZania Jakarta will last for 4 hours.

Each person in charge of school groups who visit KidZania will be able to register his vehicle/ bus to obtain a parking facility. Payments made before the visit to KidZania marketing.

In KidZania our activities are run by 'Zupervisors'. These are adults who have been through an extensive training programme

Most activities have a duration of between 20-30 minutes. we estimate that a child will get 5-6 in activity during the duration of 5 hours.

Once inside KidZania, adults cannot participate in the role-playing activities except for the Theatre as the audience.The remaining activities only children are allowed inside the activity while teachers observe through the windows/doors.

If a child needs to visit the bathroom during an activity the Zupervisor (who is in charge of their children inside the activity) will provide directions to the nearest bathrooms. Unfortunately the Zupervisor cannot wait until the child returns so they may miss some of the activity. Children below the age of 8 will have to be accompanied by their teacher.

KidZania is by its nature an inclusive environment. Activities have been designed to be practical and accessible. However, as a professional you know your children best and if you have any particular concerns please call us to discuss before making your booking. We will endeavour to meet your needs and those of your children.

Just like in the real world KidZania has its own economy. The currency in KidZania is 'kidZos'. Every child receives 50 kidZos in cash upon entering KidZania. Children take their cash to the bank to open an account and collect an ATM card. Children can use their kidZos at the activities and earn more kidZos by 'working' (i.e. taking part in most of the activities). KidZos can also be saved in their bank account and withdraw at ATMs within KidZania at any time in the future.

In case of a fire, the Zupervisor of the activity will take care of the children and direct them to the nearest fire exit. This is part of a comprehensive evacuation procedure.

Teachers/adults are required to stay on site at all times during a school visit.

kindergarten 1 adult to 5 children
elementary school 1 adult to10 children
junior high school 1 adult to 15 children

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