Education Educational Value

Learning is the basic human need for developing the capacity of children to adapt to the changes of their surroundings and life in general. Children have different cognitive abilities which determine their learning styles, such as visual-spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, gestures, musical, linguistic and logical-mathematical.  Bearing this fact in mind, KidZania aims at providing a challenging and stimulating environment that can maximize the ability of children, with all kinds of learning styles, to acquire, process and retain knowledge.

Therefore, learning through experience, the most holistic and comprehensive type of learning, is at the heart of the KidZania experience as a means of empowering kids to make the world a better place.  As a role-play theme park, KidZania promotes the value of education as a priority. In the process of enacting a diverse range of professions, children become equipped with expertise, values, and skills that support their success.

In addition, our activities support children to adopt the types of attitudes and actions required to face and handle skillfully the challenges of life. With the support of our partners we are breeding the future human resource needed to be the major force of development. The element of active involvement makes their learning experience meaningful and long-lasting. 

To help children make the most out of their experience in KidZania, we are committed to aligning their journey to the existing educational curriculum. Our activities and the sequence of performing them are meant to complement and sharpen the knowledge gained at school. By following a concrete line of role play activities, adapted to their age level, children can take a better advantage of the learning opportunity. From nature to architecture, self-expression to citizenship governance, children can choose the path of activities they want to follow to support their understanding of the topic.