Roleplay Role Play

Play is a way for a child to engage and make sense of the world. To absorb the experiences and understand the world, children need to get involved in a role play. Why is it so important? Learning through role play will help children to reflect and develop their knowledge on certain topics. Role play is fun, playful, yet it is also a key component of learning.

At KidZania, children have the opportunity of having adult-like experiences while assuming the role of firemen, police officers, news reporters, and bakers, among others. Role playing is not only a significant part of the KidZania essence, but an aspiration to take it to its maximum expression.

By holding a role play, KidZania gives children an opportunity to intensify their skills in social, communication, language, cognitive, and physical.

KidZania enhances children to interact and cooperate with others, accept and negotiate different responsibilities and roles, also respect decisions of others.

Children play at KidZania will enjoy pretending and acting out as they do the roles of various professions, whilst at the same time developing their gross and fine motor skills.

At KidZania, children will get involved in verbal communication, copy and practice words, as well as develop vocabulary and language skills.

Having lots of activities at KidZania make children observe, discover and occupations, also practice solving problems.