KidZania Ztory

Our Story

KidZania’s history starts like all great stories do, with idealistic passion and an unwavering spirit that was stimulated by a communal desire to create something better. The kids decided to create a nation filled with abundant opportunities, where kids could assert themselves and be responsible. And this was a world where kids could think and act independently from adults.


What the kids envisioned was a real world made perfect which ultimately made it “the place” where kids wanted to be, KIDZANIA was born. Making the world a better place was a grand idea for sure, but the kids know it was also the road to self-empowering. It would free and empower them to exercise their rights.


To Be

The power to be self-determining, unique and free in harmony among humankind. This right is grounded in the eternal idea of freedom: the power to act, to speak, and to think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

To Know

The capacity to be curious and experimental when educating oneself. This right demands open access and an open mind for the attainment of knowledge and experience, challenging the bearer to always be willing to question the status quo.

To Create

The faculty to be innovational, to dream up new things. This right appeals for the discovery of original perceptions to design effective and valuable projects; the initiative of new solutions to humankind problems with original and useful thoughts.

To Share

The benefit to be generous and thoughtful to oneself and to others. This right fosters the belief of a strong ethic, a willingness to collaborate, to work together in ways rarely imagined; to shape a spirit based on giving.

To Care

The responsibility to be supportive and proactive of the environment. This right is fundamentally a commitment of awareness and involvement in the welfare and protection of the natural world.

To Play

The ability to be playful and participatory in life. This right is rooted in the ageless desire to relax and enjoy life; to devote ones energy and time towards making life’s journey a fun and fulfilling one.


The first KIDZANIA was founded on September 1st, 1999 at Santa Fe in Mexico City. The day the city opened in Santa Fe, thousands of children came and quickly embraced the city as their own. The second place is build in Monterrey, Mexico in 2006.

After KIDZANIA opened in Tokyo, Japan in October 2006, finally KIDZANIA arrive in Indonesia and it’s opened on 24 November 2007. Children from all parts of Japan flocked the city everyday to exercise their rights of “To Be”, “To Care”, “To Know” and “To Play” in an ideal environment.


Constructions of new KIDZANIA cities are now taking place in Dubai, UAE; Osaka, Japan; and Lisbon, Portugal to create the perfect world for children all over the world.