Find out the magic of the past!


  • Archaeologist
  • Paleontologist

Activity Description:

  • As scientists in this site, you open the mystery of ancient life. Dig deep to discover valuable artifact and Microraptor fossil to let the world know the history of human life and other living creature.

Activity Duration:

  • 30 Minutes

Did You Know?

  • Archaeologist sometimes being confused with Paleontologist. Archaeologist studies the past of human culture while Paleontologist studies the forms of life existed in the past period through fossils.
  • As an archaeologist or paleontologist you have a chance to travel far around the world to dig up artifacts or fossils.
  • Archaeologist and paleontologist mostly work with soil, so keeping ourselves clean after working is important to prevent the body from getting sick or infected from the sources of diseases.

Values Learned:

  • Integrity - giving all efforts to find the objects, prevent the historical relics.
  • Respect – appreciating the history of life, not ruining the historical relics

Skills Gained:

  • Critical thinking – learning about history, understanding the important of guarding the historical relics.
  • Collaboration - working together to dig and to study the important findings.
  • Self-knowledge – knowing what happened in the past, and learning about the danger of worm infection.
  • Responsibility – guarding the historical relics, keeping the body hygiene.
  • Motor skills – digging.
  • Reading – the references about the artifact, fossil, and parasitic worms.

Economy :

  •  Kids will earn kidZos to complete this activity.