Department Store

Buy your favorite things here

Role :

  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Cashier
  • Customers

Activity Description :

  • After working and gaining a lot of kidZos, kids can spend their money at Department Store and buy their favorite items. For those who want to work here, they can work as a cashier who help Customer counting the purchased items, and as a Visual Merchandiser who arrange the products on a display to make them look fascinating.

Activity Duration :

  • 15 Minutes

Values Learned :

  • Responsibility - taking good care of the products in the Department Store.
  • Respect - the customers who came for a shop at the Department Store.


Skill Gained : 

  • Communication - communicating with the customers in a manner way.
  • Creativity - arranging the products in appealing ways to make them look attractive.
  • Critical thinking - in operating a cashier machine system.
  • Math skills - counting the amount of kidZos received from purchasing.

Economy :

  •  Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity (Visual Merchandiser and Cashier)
  •  Kids will pay in kidZos after shopping (Customer)