Fly to the sky


  • Pilots
  • Cabin Crew
  • Passengers

Activity Description:

  • As a pilots and cabin crew you will carry passengers to their destination safely and comfortably. Pilots fly the plane to a destination, while cabin crew explain the safety procedures and provide food to the passengers.

Activity Duration:

  • 25 minutes

Did You Know?

  • The Garuda Indonesia airline is rated as a 5-star airline by the international airline review firm, Skytrax.
  • Garuda Indonesia operates flights to 133 destinations in 14 countries, with approximately 500 daily departures from its hubs at Jakarta, Denpasar, Medan and Makasar.

Values Learned:

  • Gratitude – to passengers who choose to fly with the airline, to the cabin crew for the services to the passengers, and to the pilots for flying the plane safely.
  • Responsibility –  for the safety of the passengers.
  • Respect – by being polite to others using proper body language.

Skills Gained:

  • Language – explaining and describing safety procedures with proper language, getting new vocabularies.
  • Collaboration – to get a good flight experience requires collaboration between pilots, cabin crew and passengers.
  • Motor skills – working with simulator tools, controlling flight sticks, preparing and giving food.


  •  Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity (worker)
  •  Kids will pay KidZos to complete this activity (passengers)