Magic Studio

Say the magic word!


  • Magicians

Activity Description:

  • Spell the magic words! Swing your magic wand! Learn the secrets of magic that will fascinate the audience when you perform spectacular tricks on a stage.

Activity Duration:

  • 30 minutes

Did You Know?

  • The earliest recorded magicians date back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, they were believed to have special powers for healing and prayer.
  • By the 16th century, magicians began to perform as they do today. They did card tricks, made objects disappear, and performed mind reading.
  • Harry Houdini is still considered the world’s best known magician.
  • Today, the magic tricks and illusions are done by magicians who perform for huge audiences. The tricks and illusions they perform are spectacular. Some make airplanes disappear, levitate cars, and squeeze people into a tiny box. 

Values Learned:

  • Confidence – doing tricks and performing in front of the audience.
  • Independence – learning and doing the tricks independently.
  • Determined – learning and mastering the tricks.

Skills Gained:

  • Motor skills – coordinating both hands to do tricks.
  • Language – understanding instructions, communicating with audience.
  • Cognitive – knowing and applying the tricks smoothly.
  • Creativity – applying new ideas of the tricks, entertaining the audience.


  •  Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity (performer)
  •  Kids will pay in kidZos to complete this activity (learn magic trick)