Urbano’s Living Room And Vita’s Kit

Let’s have fun together


  • Guests

Activity Description:

  • Please come to Urbano’s Livingroom and enjoy cozy time there. Choose one of our books collection and read it with friends or family. Listen to a storyteller telling fascinating stories to you. Play a piano or a guitar and sing your favorite songs. Play with some toys together.
  • While Urbano’s Livingroom welcomes everyone, Vita’s Kitchen is open only for children under 4 years old where they can experience cooking activity. They can freely use all cooking utensils and materials provided to make food and drink, and serve them to friends and family.

Activity Duration:

  • 20 minutes

Values Learned:

  • Tolerance – taking turn to play.

  • Responsibility – taking care of all equipments inside the rooms.
  • Independence – showing preference and doing activities independently.
  • Respect – behaving properly and paying attention while other is talking.
  • Confidence – while performing an activity with others.

Skills Gained:

  • Music and movement – when playing the musical instruments and dancing to the music.
  • Language – talking with others, understanding stories being told, reading stories, and retelling stories.
  • Creativity – making a representation while playing, telling stories with improvisation.
  • Pretending – to be someone or an object while playing and telling story.
  • Cognitive – solving problems occurred when playing.
  • Socialize and collaboration – meeting new friends and playing together.


  • In Urbano’s Livingroom (for those who do storytelling and play musical instruments) 
  •  Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.
  • In Vita’s Kitchen – no kidZos earned/paid.