Be the star in your show!


  • Actor / Actress

Activity Description:

  • Show your acting talent on a splendid stage of KidZania Metropolitan Theater! Make the audience amazed of your acting, or with  great magic tricks on your fascinating Magic Show, or even with the gorgeous Fashion Show! 

Activity Duration:

  • 30 minutes

Do You Know?

  • The text of the oldest theater in the world ever found was written by an Egyptian priest in the days of ancient Egyptian civilization about 2000 BC.
  • The first permanent theater performances built around 2300 years ago in Greece.

Values Learned:

  • Positive values such as respect, generosity, gratitude, loyalty, helpful and honesty are delivered in the content of the story performed.

Skills Gained:

  • Collaboration – strengthening teamwork skills to understand the importance of each role in the show.
  • Social – socializing with others and make friends with new people.
  • Creativity – in expressing feelings and acting out the characters of the story.


  •  Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.