Urban Forest

The Goodness of Nature is Unlimited

Role :



Description of activity :

Children will work as foresters who research and protect the urban forest so that it keeps providing the goodness of nature for the citizens


Duration of activity :

25 minutes


Do you know?

A Forester is a profession that understands the wealth of natural resources, especially forests. The task of a Forester is to guard, protect and preserve the natural ecosystem

values Learned :

Responsibility - Have the ability to harmonize existing diversity and skillful in organizing

Respect - Guard and care for the nature


Skills Acquired :

Motor skills - Go through a forest, walk, step over an object, and coordinate both hands to measure the trees

Math skills - Measuring the age of trees

Adaptability - Can adapt to unexpected weather changes and overcome the situation well

Critical thinking - Understand the forest, hoe the nature works, why some equiptments are needed to work in the forest.


Economy :  Kids will earn kidZos to complete this activity