Wafer Factory

Wafer and chocolate, perfect match!


  • Factory Apprentice

Activity Description:

  • Come to work at the Wafer Factory and learn interesting things about wafer. Get yourself to know the ingredients used and the keys of making crunchy wafer. Then don’t forget to make your own delicious wafer to share with friends and family.

Activity Duration:

  • 25 minutes

Do You Know?

  • July 3rd is celebrated as National Chocolate Wafer Day in USA.

  • In Egypt, there are special kinds of wafers called freska that are only sold on the beach in the summer time.

Values Learned:

  • Responsible – in using the tools based on the functions while making the wafers.
  • Independence – taking care of oneself while working.

Skills Gained:

  • Communication – understanding instructions, talking to others.
  • Motor skills – coordinating both hands to prepare the wafer (spreading the fillings).
  • Self-knowledge – knowing the ingredients needed to make wafers.

Food Allergic Notice:

  • Products contain : Milk, flour, eggs and water.


  •  Kids will earn kidZos from completing this activity.