Water Research & Training


Springs for everyone


  • Hydro-geologist


Description of activity:

Children will work as Hydrogeologists who seek the best quality spring and analyze it, as well as preserve the spring which is a gift of life from nature for all of us, and to process drinking water. Furthermore, children will also sort plastic bottle wastes to be recycled into other products.

Duration of activity: 25 minutes

Do you know?

  • Hydrogeology (hydro- means water, and -geology means knowledge about rock) is a branch of science that studies the spread of hydrology and soil water movement under the soil and rocks in the Earth's crust.

  • AQUA made a new innovation by creating the first packaging mineral water using 100% recycled plastic in Indonesia.

The Learned Values:

  • Responsible - for the tasks assigned when research the underground water movements.
  • Commitment - to always provide good quality products.
  • Persistent - in searching and researching water sources.

Skills Acquired:

  • Critical thinking - in taking action and determining the exact location of the spring to be studied.
  • Language - communicate with others, understand explanations and instructions, ask or comment on what is learned.
  • Social - socialize with others and make new friends.
  • Collaboration - work together when searching and researching new springs.

Economy +: Getting kidZos after the activity is completed